Selected Journal Publications

Selected Conference Presentations

  • W. Flanagan, K. Becraft, A. Stavrakis, N. Bernthal, T. R. Clites . An electromagnetic attachment paradigm for lower extremity prosthetic limb devices. AAOS Annual Meeting, Las Vegas NV. March 2023. Paper Presentation.
  • B. T. Peterson, A. Upfill-Brown, A. Tomkinson, N. F. SooHoo, J. B. Hopkins, T. R. Clites . A design-optimization framework for compliant implanted prostheses that restore joint function. NSF-DARE Conference: Transformative Opportunities for Modeling in Neurorehabilitation, Los Angeles CA. March 2023. Podium Presentation.
  • T. R. Clites . Anatomics: Co-engineering Body and Machine for Improved Bionic Performance, New Faculty Talk at Southern California Robotics Symposium, Los Angeles, CA. September 2022. (People’s Choice Award for Best New Faculty Talk)
  • G. Lai, N. Jain, M. Barr, M. Belingheri, K. Azari, L. Wessel,T. R. Clites . Design and Validation of a Skin-Covered, Linkage-Driven Implantable Prosthesis, Biomedical Engineering Society Annual Meeting, San Antonio, TX. October 2022. Podium Presentation.
  • T. R. Clites , H. M. Herr, S. S. Srinivasan, Anthony N Zorzos, M. J. Carty. The Ewing Amputation. Selected Talk at Military Health Systems Research Symposium, Orlando, Florida. August 2018.
  • T. R. Clites , M. J. Carty, J. B. Ullauri, M. E. Carney, L. M. Mooney, J. F. Duval, S. S. Srinivasan, H. M. Herr. Muscle stimulation for natural torque feedback through the agonist-antagonist myoneural interface (AMI). Selected Talk at International Symposium on Amputation Surgery and Prosthetic Technology, Vienna, Austria. May 2018.
  • T. R. Clites , M. J. Carty, R. Braanemark, R. O’Donnell, M. E. Carney, H. M. Herr. Bi-directional neural control of an advanced limb prosthesis through an osseointegrated conduit in the context of the agonist-antagonist myoneural interface (AMI). Selected Talk at Society for Neuroscience Annual Meeting, Washington, DC. Nov 2017.