Our Mission

We work in a field called anatomics. In our research, we engineer human anatomy in parallel with robotic devices to enable function beyond what is possible with mechatronics alone.

The long-term goal of our work is to transform the field of human rehabilitation and augmentation, by making anatomics a fundamental tenet of bionic development.

What We Do

Surgical Design

We develop new surgical paradigms to integrate robotics into the human body.

Precision Engineering

We build mechanical systems that meld seamlessly with physiological structures.

Neural Interfacing

We create control strategies that promote embodiment of bionic body parts.

Biomechanical Science

We study the human body as a foundation for replacing and augmenting movement ability.

Active Projects

Project image

Surgical and Implantable Technologies to Improve Prostheses and Exoskeletons

Prosthetic limbs and exoskeletal devices are subject to fundamental limitations of the human body. We are exploring approaches that leverage new surgical techniques to manipulate the body in parallel with the machine. Our goal in this work is to improve function and embodiment of bionic systems. More details coming soon!

Previous Work

Agonist-antagonist Myoneural Interface

Amputation surgery has not changed fundamentally in almost 200 years. In his doctoral work, Prof. Clites worked with Prof. Hugh Herr and Dr. Matthew Carty to reinvent amputation surgery, with a goal of providing natural sensation of joint movement and effort from a neurally-controlled prosthesis.